Collective Records provides sound music business counsel and marketing strategies for music creators.

This division of the Collective Music Group, assisted by many of the industries best business-minds, will help you navigate the unchartered waters associated with management, music lawyers, agents, publishers, promoters, distributors, social media, branding & marketing, and more to assist in developing a reliable and trustworthy “team” capable of moving your career goals forward in the music industry.


Music Direction

» Identifying strengths in addition to areas of improvement & development
» Expanding your musical skill sets
» Instructional focus & recommendations for improvement
» Establishing a realistic plan & implementation
» Developing good music business acumen necessary to achieve goals

Networking Contacts

» Associations
» Musicians
» Songwriting teams
» Legal representatives
» Personal management
» Music publishers
» Booking agents/agencies


Contract Advice

» Basic review & understanding of contracts
» Red-flagging unnecessary, limiting & oppressive contract language
» The term & conditions of contract agreements
» Referrals to professional legal music representation

Team Building

» Personal Manager responsibilities & role
» Business Manager responsibilities & role
» Booking agency function & role
» Music Lawyer function & role
» Music Publicist function & role
» Major & independent labels (pros & cons)
» Music Publisher responsibilities & role

Music Conferences

» Canadian Music Week (CMW)
» JUNO Week
» Toronto International Music Summit (Toronto IMS)
» North By Northeast (NXNE)
» Franco-Ontarian Festival
» Canadian Organization of Campus Activity (COCA)
» Canadian Country Music Week (CCMW)
» Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (OCFF)

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